Seminars & Master Classes

2017 Seminar Topics are in the final stages of development. Check back soon!

2016 Seminar Topics

Seminars are from 8:30 – 9:45 am
Hamilton Recital Hall

Monday: 7/11/16

Why Are We Musicians? – Identifying Purpose and Passion

Why? What is the point of perfecting our art? In order to understand what we have to do as musicians, we first need to understand why we do what we do. Is our purpose to win a job, make money, be famous or is there a deeper reason to why we do what we do. Should every musicians “Why” be the same or can we diversify our purpose? Without understanding your own “Why” you will have little control over your success as a person, artist, or leader.

Tuesday: 7/12/16

How? – From the Practice Room to the Real World

How do we motivate and develop our personal “Why?” and make it actually happen? In this session, we will start to help you develop your own game plan. This will include practice habits and musical artistry. Gain from the collective experiences of brass musicians who have implemented their “Why” and moved successfully into the professional world.

Wednesday: 7/13/16

What? – Defining a Successful Career

What is a successful career and how do you attain it? The path is different for each person and how it relates to their core purpose. In this session, we will explore performance, military, teaching, and freelance careers, as well as audition and job success.

Thursday: 7/14/16

When You’re in Trouble – Performance Problems Related to Health & Wellness

“What do I do?” is a question we often asked ourselves when we get into trouble. Performance problems can be related to your health or changes in how your body is working. In this session, we will address the physical and mental blocks that many musicians deal with and how to get past them.

Friday: 7/15/16

Final Forum

Open Forum. This final session will be for you to pick the brains of the finest brass players in the world. There is no better way to learn how to become a master than to learn the habits of the masters themselves. Come prepared with questions!

2017 Master Class Schedule will be finalized by mid-May.

2016 Master Class Schedule

Master Classes are from 10:00 – 11:20 am

Trumpet – Ron Romm
Horn – Martin Hackleman
Trombone – Larry Zalkind
Euphonium – Joseph Martin
Tuba – Warren Deck

Trumpet – David Hickman
Horn – Allene Hackleman
Trombone – Scott Hartman
Euphonium – Brian Bowman
Tuba – Dan Perantoni

Trumpet – John Marchiando
Horn – Martin Hackleman
Trombone – Scott Bean
Euphonium – Brian Bowman
Tuba – Kathy Brantigan

Trumpet – Alan Hood
Horn – Thomas Bacon
Trombone – John Lofton
Euphonium – Brian Bowman
Tuba – Dan Perantoni

Trumpet – Allan Dean
Horn – Susan McCullough
Trombone – Carl Lenthe
Euphonium – Joseph Martin
Tuba – Tim Northcut