Professional Fellowship Program

The Professional Fellowship Program is designed for both aspiring and professional preformed ensembles. Our program will give your ensemble the competitive edge in performance expertise, as well as valuable business insights. The Professional Fellowship Program provides classes and coaching tailored to your group’s specific needs and goals.

Our single registration fee, streamlined acceptance process, and special tuition rate of just $275 per person make this an opportunity not to be missed!


Daily Performance and Business Sessions Designed Just for Professional Fellowship Program participants!

Performance Coaching:
o Artistry
o Showmanship
o Personality
o Accessibility
o Programming
o Creativity
o Inventiveness
o Relevancy
Business Seminars:
o Creating Niche/Relevancy
o Vision & Mission
o Image & Personality
o Marketing/Buzz
o Running the Business
o Networking & Relationships
o Fundraising

The Professional Fellowship Tuition is subsidized by our scholarship partners, to help meet the needs of working, launching professionals.

Application form includes:
Brief history of ensemble
List of recent performances
Ensemble website and/or Facebook page
Identify skills on which you would like to focus